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Mother's Day Out

Why Choose SPROUTS?

Children learn rapidly from ages 3 to 5. Their physical skills, self-control skills, and communication skills develop quickly. Their imaginations are wide open!

Children spend a majority of their time investigating and learning different things through play, building with blocks, experimenting with different materials, artistic projects/painting and exploring the natural world in tune with the seasons!

Preschool children need a balance of structure and freedom, so they can continue to learn effectively at their own pace with others! Our Sprouts Academy will help plant the seed for student's future work in reading, math, social interactions, music and more!


Monday / Wednesday

Our “DISCOVERY” program at REFLEX Sprouts Academy brings all your child's extracurricular activities to one class; 2 DAYS A WEEK!

What We Offer:

Our program allows a safe, supportive environment for artistic expression and encourages individual exploration or unique talents!

We will have fun activities exhibiting your child's talents through dramatic plays, art shows, science fair, field day and seasonal programs! We will also have a sport of the month throughout the year to help your child determine what sports he/she would be interested in trying in the future!

“DISCOVERY Kids” Program:

Science- We will tap into various subjects such as; geography, weather, horticulture, astronomy, biology and so much more!

K-Music- A trusted music and movement program that instills a lifelong love of music and learning!

Music- Continuing to practice and develop what they learn in K-Music!

Sports Play- Encourages students to use their large motor skills as we learn different sports and grow our team building skills!

Dramatic Play- Will provide students with an opportunity to express their own feelings in a theatrical environment and allow them to act out their favorite stories from books, movies and the Bible!

Art- We will explore the different types of art and techniques, and students will have the opportunity to showcase their masterpieces in an art show!

Tuesday / Thursday Preschool

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have a traditional Preschool setting that includes Reading, Writing, Math and Art!

Having a multi-aged classroom helps children learn at their own pace, and helps them grow into their strengths in their own time. Children will be put into groups according to ability with their peers to make their time with us as successful as possible.

 We will have 45 min of gymnastics time every day before lunch to ensure an equal balance of growing not only our minds but our bodies as well! Our Traditional Preschool Class will help plant the seed of knowledge while growing in FAITH!!

Tuesday/Thursday Overview:

9:00 AM - Social Play

9:30 AM - Circle Time/ Bible Study

10:00 AM -Class Work

10:30 AM - Gymnastics

11:15 AM - Lunch

11:45 AM - Book/Puzzle

(Quiet Time)

12:15 AM -Art

1:00 PM - Snack

1:15 PM -Center Time

2:00 PM -Pick up

2015-2016 Classes begin September 7, 2015


Time: 9:00am-2pm

Tuition: $115 a month (1x a week)

$165 a month (2x a week)

$300 a month (2x a week DISCOVERY program) + (2x a week SPROUTS Pre-K)

Registration Fees: $85

Last Month Deposit: $115

For more information contact our office at 281-412-3350 or by email at